Furnace Refurbishment

We are very good at the bespoke.
We like the challenge!

We recognise that there are other cost effective ways of enhancing the performance of vacuum furnaces without the need to replace with new plant. This approach has many benefits, not least, minimising cost.

At times our project teams acquire and rebuid furnaces to meet customer needs. We also re-engineer existing customer plant; Specnow can work effectively as partners on your site, bringing in components prepared in our factory and utilizing your facilities and personnel where appropriate for rework and assembly. Even bigger cost savings can be achieved by bringing the plant to our workshops to be re-engineered.

Considerable savings over the cost of new equipment can be made while achieving essentially as-new quality and performance.

  • Refurbishment of customer vacuum furnaces or plant.
  • Re-engineering, upgrading and modification of existing plant.
  • Control systems including HMI, networking and online options.
  • Repair/refurbishment of hot zones in graphite, refractory metals and combinations.

In both new build and rebuild projects we incorporate leading edge technology. Refurbishment, re-engineering, upgrading and modifying of existing plant is a cost effective way of enhancing current machinery performance.

The image above shows an old Wentgate Furnace before it was refurnished.

Below is the same furnace after a full refurbishment. The Furnace is now being used by a customer to heat treat 3-D printed components.

The image above shows a vacuum furnace before a control system upgrade. Specnow converted the control system onsite with the machine being out of production for just one week.

The picture below shows how the machine looked following the upgrade

The picture above shows a refurbished Wentgate Vacuum Furnace. This is now used by our customer to heat treat rocket engines which keep satellites in position.

The picture above shows a refurbished 1218 Vacuum Furnace being controlled from an iPad.

The picture above shows a refurbished machine. To maintain the small footprint of this furnace the electronics were housed inside, resulting in just a touch screen on the side.