Introducing the Specnow Gem

Our Next Generation, Portable, Low Energy Use, Vacuum Furnace

Specnow’s core business is the development, design and supply of specialised vacuum furnaces for specific customer applications. Our latest innovation, the Specnow Gem, has been created to provide a compact, economical furnace that uses less power but equal or better technical performance than larger furnances.

Meet our next generation, compact, portable and energy efficient vacuum furnace- The Specnow Gem

Vacuum furnaces are used in a wide range of applications in both manufacturing industries and research laboratories. Mainly used for large batches, the cost of running the machine is easily offset by the quantities in them. This soon becomes a very expensive, high energy solution if only a small batch or testing is needed on R&D projects. Our solution has been to create a smaller, portable furnace which could be used in industries including; Ceramics, Dental, Medical and heat treatment of 3D printed products.

  • All metal hotzone with molybdenum elements

  • Vacuum levels – typical 10 mbar

  • Hotzone size Ø120mm x 200mm

Low Running costs Portable Simple Installation Fully Automated


Compact, portable and top loading, the Specnow Gem was created with space saving in mind.


Ideally suited for Ceramics, Dental, Medical and 3D Heat treating as well as small batch Research and Development projects.

Uses & Industries

Typically used for Annealing, brazing, Sintering and other Heat Treatment process within the Manufacturing, Aerospace, Dental and Medical Industries.

Find Out More

If you are interested in the Specnow Gem vacuum furnace please get in touch or Download our Further Information PDF.

Simple Installation

Our portable vacuum furnace needs no water installation, plugs straight into the wall and is mounted on castors making it quick and easy to move into place each time it is needed.

Full Traceability

The Specnow Gem is fully automated using our own programmable software to ensure full control and traceability of all your Annealing, Brazing and Sintering Projects.


Reaching temperatures of 1200°C, at a reasonable and controlled rate of climb max 30°C/minute using only a 16A socket, the Spenow Gem is a low energy solution for your small batch and R&D project runs.