Specialist Process Systems

Downtime is minimised; troubleshooting can be swiftly
escalated via our remote diagnostic system.

Specnow have the extensive experience and expertise and thus are able to offer a range of specialist products and services. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience of vacuum systems can be transferred to other product areas and we are proud to have worked with some highly respected organisations where we have designed, developed and manufactured bespoke solutions.

An example of a recent specialist project which Specnow recently completed is when working in partnership with a manufacturer, we developed a small low temperature vacuum furnace (600°C with vacuum levels down to 7 mbar), which was developed to braze quartz lamps together and at the same time trap small amounts of specialist gas inside.

Control Systems: we also offer specialist solutions in the areas of control systems not only for vacuum furnaces but also for electron beam welders and oil degassing rigs along with carrying out control system upgrades for furnaces from other manufacturers.

Our Microlink control system is configured for AMS275E and Nadcap protocols. The standard Microlink hardware combines an Allen Bradley PLC and an everyday personsal computer with a touch screen monitor. No special items are used; all parts are readily available from your local stockists in the event of a breakdown.

Benefits and additional features of our control systems include:

SCADA/HMI obviates the need for temperature controllers, chart recorders and many other components used in traditional design furnaces. Less hardware increases reliability and lowers cost while fewer instruments bring an elegant simplicity. Our machines demonstrate unrivalled user friendliness. Today’s workforce is increasingly computer literate; those familiar with standard software packages and devices rapidly achieve proficiency with the Specnow HMI control screens.

Easy process programming at the HMI control screen. Storage for your programs is essentially unlimited. High visibility; operators and managers appreciate the high visibility of the machine and process cycle. Great detail is available at the HMI workstation; even at a distance the screen usefully informs the operator of the situation.

We can also offer specialist solutions in the areas of:
  • remote drive systems for electron beam welders;
  • remote data logging systems for multi-vacuum furnaces.

The two pictures above show the new design vacuum furnace supplied to STFC

The picture above shows a 2-stage Induction Rig

The picture above shows part of a 2-stage Induction Rig

Picture above showing a refurbished Electron Beam Welder, completed for one of Specnow’s aerospace customers

The two pictures above show two vacuum furnaces before Specnow removed and upgraded the operator interface (HMI). We repositioned both interfaces closer to the operator. This lowers the risk of the PC malfunctioning within the furnace and brings the system closer to the operator, as illustrated in the after picture below.