New Vacuum Furnaces

We design, we build, we commission and we maintain.

Many years of experience in vacuum engineering has given us the skills and know-how to design for performance, purpose and price. We have developed a standard range of furnaces in various configurations and sizes. Specnow will advise on process and production technologies to help you choose suitable capacity. We also offer bespoke engineering to meet your exact requirements. The flexibility of our designs allows us to extend the furnace capabilities later as you add new processes and applications.

All of our equipment is fully tested and certified to the industry standards e.g. AMS2750E (Nadcap), CE. We complete the job with professional installation and training. We have supplied furnaces which are used in a diverse range of applications and advanced technologies e.g. to customers who develop products which have been manufactured using Additive Manufacturing/3D processes.

Our vacuum furnace range includes standard top loading and horizontal loading systems for batch production, R&D and laboratory/clean room environments. All machines are available with our Microlink control system, configured for AMS2750E and Nadcap protocols.

The standard Microlink hardware combines an Allen Bradley PLC and an everyday PC with a Touch Screen. No special items are used; all parts are readily available from local stockists in the event of breakdown.

Specnow has 15 years' experience applying this technology in furnace and electron beam systems. Consequently Specnow products have a degree of automation and flexibility that rival the most advanced machine tools.

The furnaces are equally at home in development and production environments. Data handling and analysis are facilitated. Security and management tools, and supplier protocols, can be incorporated and reports generated. Many customers take advantage of the networking capabilities. Specnow offers diagnostics/remote servicing and software updates via the Internet. Managers may access the furnace remotely from Tablets etc. via the appropriate App.

Additional features and benefits:
  • SCADA/HMI obviates the need for temperature controllers, chart recorders and many other components used in traditional design furnaces. Less hardware increases reliability and lowers cost whilst fewer instruments bring an elegant simplicity.
  • Unrivalled user friendliness. Today‚Äôs workforce is increasingly computer literate; those familiar with standard software packages and devices rapidly achieve proficiency with the HMI control screens.
  • Easy process programming at the HMI. Storage for your programs is essentially unlimited.
  • High visibility. Operators and managers appreciate the high visibility of the machine and process cycle. Great detail is available at the HMI workstation; even from a distance the screen usefully informs the operator of the situation.

We also design and fabricate our own hot zone modules in high purity graphite and refractory metal options. For the advanced manufacturer, our furnaces may include mass spectrometers, cryogenic vacuum pumping and special software features.